Material not casting shadows

Hello UE4 Community ^^

I’ve recently started working on a little top-down-shooter-bullethell thingiemajig and thought to myself: “Wouldn’t it be practical if the player could see the character when they are in a building?”
So I made myself a handy little material. And would you look at that, it works!

Now that’s all great but since you can see on picture 1, it currently uses dynamic lightning and not baked lightning because whenever I set out and try build the lighting it just ignores the material and doesn’t cast any shadows what so ever. So I went googling and searched through topic after topic but something like “Not casting Shadows” just never was an issue for anyone… strange…

Do Note I kept any shadow related settings on default.

The other attachments show the base material and the function I created to give it this hiding effect.

My final goal is to get a view into the house… box thing but keep the shadows, even though it might look a bit odd.when moving to the sides, that shouldn’t be too noticable