Material normals dont work on static mesh!

Hello everyone!

I created a static mesh in blender and when i import that mesh into Unreal and I try to apply a material that im creating there, for some reason the normal that i assign to the material dont work on that specific mesh, i really dont know what else i could do!

PS: im new to the Unreal engine (and 3d modeling in general).

Post pictures of material setup and how it looks on the mesh.

Here is the material i created, properties like metalic and such seems to aply correctly only with plane colors, but not the normals or textures.

This is what it looks like with the material applied.

This is the fbx on blender, I just created the mesh and assigned empty materials to different parts of the mesh so i could map them later on unreal and use different materials for each part. (its the only way that worked for me to have different materials on one mesh)

I’m just starting to play around with the engine and it looks very promising all what I could do with it. But because I’m a noob at the time im not very familiar with some concepts:

Im creating a static mesh in blender and managed to separate some parts of it so I can apply the desired materials later with Unreal (materials are created in UE4). The problem is that once that I imported the mesh to unreal it works just fine, except for the fact that it seems the normals of my materials just dont work on that mesh, in other objects the materials works fine (eg: blueprints and other imported meshes), am I doing something wrong? the scale is the problem?

Please help!

PS: sorry im kinda noob and my screenshots are partially in spanish.

Your UVs aren’t working. Make sure they imported correctly in the static mesh editor.

I’d suggest googling “how to unwrap in blender”

Not only the normal, but your Base Color is stretched as well so you don’t see any of it’s details other than it’s color. Need to UV unwrap your mesh as others said.

As you guys mentioned the problem is that I didn’t unwrap my mesh in blender (i’m new to all this stuff), I’ll do that and tell you how things went, Thanks a lot for your time and help!

EDIT: Yes, the problem was that i needed to unwrap the mesh, its working fine now, thanks!