Material Nodes Switch-a-roo!

Hey Folks,

This may be a dumb question but inside the material editor, is there a hotkey to change which side of each node the inputs/outputs are on? In UDK, I was use to a material having its inputs on the right, but in my UE4 Editor the sides have apparently been swapped. Is it possibly I may have pressed a hotkey without knowing? who knows,either way, now it appears to be stuck that way. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


That’s the new interface so you didnt hit any keys by mistake. There used to be a way to switch it back to the old looks but i dont know if it still works. I wouldnt worry about it though, you’ll get used to it in a couple of hours. :slight_smile:

Yep, you will quickly get used to it :slight_smile: At the beginning I was also a little bit distracted but after some few hours I got used to it

In the beta you were able to switch it because in a older version the material editor was like in UDK, but now I think it isn’t working anymore

I don’t think they’ll want to switch it now, they’ve spent a lot of work unifying the UI, everything will be left to right. Switching things back and forth would be counter productive to their design goals.

Okay Cool, It was just a minor concern. I’ve been refering back to older UDK Video tutorials and It was a little distracting following along. But you folks are right, I’m use to it now. Thanks!