Material needs morph support?

Hey everyone I’m working with a mesh that has morph target applied to it and when I apply an animated texture that I created with flipbooks I get a "The following materials need morph support (‘Used with Morph Targets’ in material editor). The animated texture is just a couple of white rings that scale up, it works fine when I apply it to static meshes but on my morph target it just takes that black color and none of the white rings appear on it.

Has anyone had any experience with morph targets or have gotten this error?

Nevermind guys figured out that all I needed to do was turn on the Use with Morph Targets in the material :o


Thanks for adding that, I ran into the same thing today. You know the most loathsome people are the ones who post a question that is bothering you as well, you find their post through a search engine and then the only answer is “nm, figured it out” and you go WHY CAN’T YOU POST YOUR SOLUTION HERE!

LOL anyway, thanks for posting it, saved me some pulled out hair.

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Yep, figured it out right before I read this, very useful :slight_smile: .

ok… for those that were wondering… WTF is the option located in the materials panel… looks for USAGE in the details tab.

Glad I found this thread. This was driving me nuts trying to figure out.

Question: Why is this even an option? Why do materials not work with morph targets by default?

I would like to know the same, for good measure its often really powerful to tell people why things are as they are so we understand and can work with it in other aspects of the development.

maybe a UE person can elaborate?

I just ran into this, every person working with morph targets will run into this.

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