[material] need help with overlapping wood planks

I’m struggling creating a good looking material for overlapping wood planks. Its for texturing the facade of a barn. Something like:

Result so far with just a minimal/no effect for the overlap in image below. I have a slightly better result when applying a multiplier on the normalmap but I hoped it could work with a simple setup.
I’m fairly new to PBR so any help/suggestions is really appreciated.

Thanks, Max


You should give substance designer a whirl.

Thanks for the suggestion. It is already on my to-do list but I’m a bit reluctant to start learning another complex program because I’m a bit short on time.
In the end I used AwesomeBump and some manual tweaking of maps in Gimp. In the pic a material with tessellation on the left and a simple material just using normal maps on the right.

I’m ok with the results for now. Will have to investigate more…