Material/mask for civ-like map

Hello community,

I’m trying to mess around map generation & rendering in UE4(trying to get similar results as Experilous: Procedural Planet Generation). Specifically, I need to be able to create mask for individual regions on map. My original plan was to create procedural mesh with topology that would corespon the map.

Then, since i know which vertices belong to which region i would use VertexColors to mark the region. Finally, draw the material into render target and this way I hoped to create complete RGB coded mask for my regions. Problem is that apparently render target ignores vertex color painting on “brush” material.

I don’t have much experience with materials and as far as I know there is no other way to paint on mesh face, which is essentially what i want. I’m sure there has to be a way to achieve this in some useable manner(ignoring obscure options like drawing using DebugHelpers and etc.) but i have tried every option that i could think of and im still stuck. If someone more experienced would show what approach to use i would be very grateful.