Material made from two textures

Sorry, it’s best to post the material :slight_smile:

Hey hivemind,
I got a simple question, but I simply can’t find an answer to it.

I want to create a surface, masked, unlit material out of two (or possibly more) textures for a sprite.
I have a texture showing the head of the character and a picture of the body, both at their respective place in their image. If you were to blend both images together outside of UE4 they will fit.
Inside the material editor I have set up the Paper2D Sprite texture and the additional texture for slot #0 and blended, added, lerped and multiplied both textures in multiple tries. All have the same result. The additional texture gets cramped inside the Paper2D Sprite texture.

I’m having problems of showing screenshots of the results and the material right now, sadly.

What would be the best way of connecting the two textures?
Thank you very much in advance!

I hope this works.

This shows the result with two blocks, one on the bottom of the picture and one on the top (additional texture)

For better visualisation I swapped out the additional texture with a full body sprite (should show the head as well, which it does not.

Yeah… I don’t think you get to put stuff outside the box. I know nothing about sprites, but if it’s coming from that material, you have a 0-1 box to put everything in. You can’t have a different shaped box.

The only thing you can do ( and I don’t know if that makes any sense ), is fiddle around with the UVs to make both the images half the size and position one above the other.

EDIT: Sorry to be no help whatsoever…

No problem. I will look into your idea anyway, thank you :slight_smile:

I think that is the answer, yes… :slight_smile:

To anyone interested in this, I found a workaround. Since I wanted to combine textures to edit a single textures color without having to set up a material for every state of color change in the sprite, I thought I could approach it from within the material for a single sprite.
I now compose the character out of multiple sprites (one for the head, one for the body and so on) each with their own material.

This does not solve the issue with getting textures possibly seamed together, but it was a workaround for my initial problem.