Material looks very different depending on mesh it has been assigned to.

Hi all,

Pretty noob question here.

I made a clearcoat material, relatively simple. It looks find like I would expect it on some meshes I imported, but very different on others.
When applied to primitives in UE it looks fine.

All meshes were part of the same FBX file exported from Maya.
Checked normals etc in Maya to make sure those are fine.
Any ideas what as to what the cause might be?

Incorrect normals would maybe cause this? Could you please give screenshots?

Here are 2 swatches.

Correct look:
Broken look:

Checked the normals in the UE asset editor and they are all pointing outwards, so those seem fine.
The tangents however seem different.
Tried all methods on FBX import: Compute Normals, Import Normals and Import Normals and Tangents but the issue persists.

What those materials are? What kind of geometric shape those meshes have. It’s really hard to see anything from those screenshots.

I think I figured it out. The UV’s for the shapes showing up as highly reflective were bad. Since I was using several noise maps in my material, those weren’t getting applied properly, hence the difference. Thanks all.