Material looks fuzzy from a distance

Hello, so I’ve got this project that takes place entirely inside a three bedroom house. Now, the material I have on the wall, looks pretty good up close

But it looks really… noisy and fuzzy from a distance…

The material itself isn’t very complex either. It’s literally just this

So does anybody have any idea why this is happening and what I can do to make this material not look so fuzzy from a distance? Any and all thoughts are appreciated c(:

Did you disable mip maps? is your texture a power of 2?

yes and no

Your textures need to be a power of 2 to mip or scale down correctly. Resize them to something like 512x512, 1024x1024, or 2048x2048

Always have mipmapping turned on unless you are drawing textures in 2D directly to the screen, like for a HUD. Otherwise you will see issues like that all over the place, and your GPU will have to work harder for objects in the distance.