Material looking too small on my model


We have been importing some of my friends models into UE4 going from Revit-> 3ds max → UE4. They are some house designs. I have the scale right of the buildings, but when I try to put some of the starter materials on my model the texture is showing too small.

Is there something I am doing wrong importing? is there something my friend should be doing in Revit? or is there an option I can use in 3ds max to make this work properly.

The picture below is of part of the model floor and a cube with the same texture so you can see the difference.

Every mesh comes with a UV map, which is basically data for ue4 (and a lot of other tools) to tell the program where parts of a texture will go.

In your case the UV-map is too small but you can easily modify that by making a copy of the starter materials, opening the material editor, placing a texture coordinate node, connect it to the UV input of the texture samplers. (the diffuse, normal map, roughness map etc) and playing with the values of the texture coordinate node.

Yeah playing with the texture coordinates is what have been doing. If I unwrap the UV in Max the sizes are all random because the meshes are random sizes, I need a uniform size over walls/floors etc. The texture coordinates seem to be working alright.

If you where… then you should have gotten the right result by now :slight_smile:

If you need uniformity on all the meshes then you need to unwrap everything properly in 3dsmax.

Advanced UV Normalizer | ScriptSpot < 3dsmax script that can help.

Thanks, that may come in handy.