Material looking different depending if GPU is AMD or Nvidia

Hi, I have a simple Translucent Unlit Material. Its a circular progress bar.
The material was made on a computer with a AMD GPU. When the Material runs on an Nvidia GPU with the same parameter values, its looks different.



As you can see, the material looks a lot thinner when executing on a Nvidia GPU.

The material is fairly simple.

Does anyone knows why this is happening ? And if there is something that i can do to prevent this ? The material is used to represent some data to the player, and on Nvidia GPU, is very difficult to see what it is representing, and if we bump up the thickness parameter, then it’'ll look bad on AMD’s GPU’s.

Any advice is welcome.

This looks like you are using two different version of UE4. Make sure that you are comparing against the same version of UE4.

Hi Sam,

I’m sorry for using two different engines on those screenshots, I developed this material on 4.17.2, this problem happens when booth machines were on 4.17.2. Now my home PC with the Nvidia card is updated to 4.18 and the issue still persist. I updated the engine on the office PC (AMD card) to 4.18 and the problem still there. I don’t think the diference between engine versions is causing this, at least, not this problem of mine.

I’ve updated the AMD image to correct reflect the engine version that i’m using, Booth screenshots are from 4.18. Maybe there is something being calculated different for each GPU inside the engine macros ?

You can have access to the material in the link below.

Can anyone download this material and, if possible (have booth AMD and Nvidia PC’s) , verify if the same happens ?

Check the engine scalability settings when you use different gpu.