Material look at camera with axis lock options

I like create a material can look to the camera and need have options to lock the rotation to 2 axis or only rotate to in z.

*Question about performance:
100 actors with tick updating the mesh direction every tick using BP vs 100 actors with this material who consume more ?

Well i find the Material Billboards but don’t have lock options.
If someone can help my with other options will be nice.

I find this now but i got 2 problems with this:

A. I need to rotate my plane because the materila look at 90º of the plane, when is rotated work fine.
B. When you are near the planes the planes near the corners of the screen make a flash and disappear.

There is something like that in one of content examples. Not sure if its exactly whet you need.

Yeah thanks TheJamsh tell me about that