Material Light Function in VR Oculus Quest 2

I followed some tutorials to build a video projection by using a light function material with a spot light. I would like to do this for a VR scene on Oculust Quest 2 which is Androit.
It is not working.

Is this feature not supported on Androit? Or how can I make it work or do something else to build an image/video-projector?


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I have the same problem, but in my case I’m trying to play it on a package for windows.
I can see the projection in unreal editor, but not in the build (package), I’m working in with the media player in sequencer.


When you’re developing for Quest, make sure you use Preview Rendering Level → Android Vulkan in-editor, as not all rendering features that are supported on DX12 works w. Vulkan on Mobile.

Can you please tell how to achieve unreal engine light function on android.I am trying to do flashlight for my horror game.The light function or texture is not working.