Material --> Level Adjustments?

I would like to create a simple RGB Level Adjustment.
I followed the documentation:

unfortunately, the level adjustment will make the final output just black and white.
I need a simple Level adjustment for RGB.

  • How to do that?
  • What’s the name of the node?

Can’t find it.

Thank you so much!

Do it for each RGB channel, then merge them back together


Ok, I dont get what you want. You want to do rgb level adjustments of a texture, or the whole level as postprocess or only to create solid colors?

Edit: I guess its about textures, check the screenshot bellow. Inside the 3vector node you can control the rgb values individually. You can create a parametric 3vector constant by right click on the node and choose “Convert to parametric” so that you can see the changes inside the level too.

I mean nothing else, than what you have in Photoshop, or After Effects.
Adjust the Levels of an Image. So to speak, the darks and the highlights, as well as the midtones.

Use the “break out float 3”-node to split your vec3 into the R, G and B channels, put each into the level-node and then recombine the results with the “make float 3”-node.