Material Issue

I purchased the Top down city and I am having some issues with the landscape materials. They all show up just black and shiny. I’m sure its an easy fix but i cant figure out what that fix is. please help if you can.

Here is an image showing the demo level. The landscape show fine but the blueprint shows the black and shiny part. When I add a landscape or add to the landscape it shows up like this

To get rid of the shininess you have to change the value at metallic and roughness (but when you get the right result on your landscape, I wouldnt change it) :slight_smile:

Ill try that right now. I figured because they were premade landscape materials that they wouldn’t need to be changed at all.

This is what I am seeing on Metallic and roughness

Yep, now go to the parameters/constant vectors for the roughness and change it to something higher :slight_smile: