Material Issue: Inverted Fresnel is always completely white

Hello dear community,

as the title already says, I am encountering an issue, where the 1-x of a fresnel node always returns a completely white map. Is there anything that I need to consider, or is there anything that I missed out? I would be thankful for any hint.
Oh yeah, I am using 4.12.5, by the way. I want to apply material so that it seems within an object, and thus create a mask which cuts the borders off until let’s say 5 cm from the object borders.
Does anyone know how to do that?

Best wishes,

I’ve not had your problem, but maybe posting a screenshot of your material and its appearance could help.

This doesn’t really solve your problem, but have you tried using the other fresnel node? Using Fresnel in your Materials | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hello Wilkes,

thank you for your fast response.

My setup is yet simple.

Here is a picture with the preview of the fresnel.

And here is a picture with the inverse of the fresnel.

Edit: Sorry, forgot the viewport :).

The material settings are default except for a masked rendering mode with a Subsurface model.

It looks to me like it’s not completely white, as you can see darkness around the edges. What I would do is plug some scalar parameters into the first two inputs on the fresnel function (hold “S” and click), and mess with those settings in a material instance until you’re happy with the way it looks.

Yeah Wilkes! It worked. I created a second fresnel with different parameters and I have the mask I wanted. :slight_smile: Thank you very much!