Material is looking different in Unreal 4

Hi guys,pretty new to Unreal 4 so I have a question!

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong,but my material is looking reaaaallyyy shiny compared to what it’s supposed to look like(If I compare in Substance Painter or Marmoset)

I’m using PBR,so base color,metalness roughness normal map and AO.

Anyone can tell me why my material is way more shiny in Unreal?


If needed I’ll post a picture when I get home tonight

On your Roughness Map make sure that SRGB is disabled. You do not want to Gamma correct your roughness as it is not a color texture but a data texture. Also the UE4 render does not work like Marmoset so do not spend a whole bunch of time using that to tweak your textures. In fact I would get rid of it all together as it is only going to cause you issues as anything you get looking good in there will not look the same in UE4 but that is just my 2 cents…