Material is black on Mobile


After updating to 4.11 pre 3-4 we experience materials turning black on mobile device. Ive been trying to fix it but only ends up black on device no matter what.

My weird conclusion so far is that in some cases the parameter collection is not working properly. And we derive heavily on the parameter collection working. It did work perfectly prior 4.11 pre 3 ( We didnt change anything ).

This is how we want it and what used to work, this works on PC / mobile preview but not mobile for some reason!.

Making sure values work , these all three works, just testing the values, all these setup work on android.

Any suggestions? We are kinda stuck.

to clarify

the parameter color on its own works

the parameter color mul by const works

the depthfade on its own works

the depthfade mul with const 3 color works

the depthfade mul with parameter color doesnt seem to work anymore for some magical reason

Hi Molin -

I am not able to replicate the effects you are describing above, can you share what the logic of your depthfade material function is? Also please let me what type of Device you are deploying to and what AndroidOS you have installed on the device?

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum

Eric, thanks for answering

We have for ex tested on samsung g5 ( G Alpha SMg850F ) and samsung g6. Android 5.0.2

I attach a smaller scene where you can se the difference on the phone. Everything works as usual in editor and mobile preview in that scene. But the phone doesnt work anymore.

Again, this did work, but just stopped working around preview 4.11 pre2.
thanks for your time

Hello Molin -

Thank you for the additional information, I was able to track down the issue. It looks like something to do with the combination of 4.11 and Android OS version 5, version 4 and version 6 packaged and launched correctly with Material Parameter Collections.

I have entered a bug report for this as UE-26674, as we investigate a solution I will keep you informed here.

Thank You again -

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric,

Have you any update concerning this bug UE-26674 ?


This issue was marked fixed in the 4.11.0 release. Cheers