Material instancing

Trying to get my brain wrapped around material instancing, and when it’s best to use it.

Example: I sometimes do standard atlasing of UV’s for a given object, but sometimes instead use tiling textures that are applied with a standard TexCoord to set the repeating size.
There are times when this looks great on one object, but needs a different scale on another. I know I can go back to my 3D app and futz with the scale of the uv’s, but sometimes would rather just change the scale in UE4.

The easiest thing to do would be to just duplicate the material every time I need a different scale and change the values of the TexCoord, but this seems wasteful.
Would this a good time to use material instances? Is there a way to create an instance and only “expose” the texcoord?

Would that be more efficient than duped standard materials using the same texture?



Multiply your texture coordinate node by scalar parameter. You will have access to this parameter on instances of your material.

Yes, to some extent.