Material Instance Parameter?

I’ve been using this quite a long time since I first used UE4…but still I’ve got a puzzle in my head, and it became kinda important as my materials got even more complicated as days gone by…that is, in instanced material I can go and check the checkbox then edit the parameter values, this means that it is really a parameter not a constant(at least in this instanced material), but if I edit the value then uncheck the checkbox, will the value retained or will it be restore to the original value? And, will it become constant or parameter?

When unchecked doesn’t the parameter thing then use the default value as specified in the parent material vector/scalar node?

In the material instance itself the unchecked parameter appears to remember the last changed value. AFAIK.

That’s what I noticed, so I’m a bit curious if it does remember.

Thank you for the answer anyway.

No it does not remember, if unchecked, it will use the default value specified in the master material.