Material: How to edit uvs when there is no UV input?

I want to tile and pan proceduarals such as gradients and noise.
How should i do this?

Use a multiply node with a textcoord node and a constant to increase/decrease tilling. Changing the constant value will change the tilling.
Use a panner node to pan your texture. Changing the speed in the node will determine the speed and direction.
If you want to offset a texture add two constants into an append node, then add a textcoord and the append result into an add node. Plug this into the coord input off your panner node. Changing the values of the two constants will change the offset.

Hope this helped

Lezen is ook een vak :stuck_out_tongue:
Soma asked about content that IS NOT a texture :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways, Soma there are some threads around if you care to search.

Sorry, my bad! thanks for correcting me.

Thanks Luos, Im mainly looking for a way to pan the “linear gradient” material function, anyone know anthing about that?

Should be something like this:

Ah, thankyou deathrey.

Hi Deathrey, I have the same question and it seems your original answer has been removed / hidden. If you have a moment could you please explain the method again?

I understand that procedural gradients are cheaper and more effective, but I can’t figure out how to actively use one in a panning operation. So far I have gone a manual route and baked my gradient to a render target, converted to a texture, and then used that new texture in a separate material. I was hoping to pan the gradient and use it for world position offset all in one go, without creating an actual texture along the way.