Material - How can i make small textures grid inside of a big texture ?

I’v found no scale or size node in the material editor.

Hi Sahkan,

From the sounds of this, as relating to textures, I would suggest doing this within Photoshop or whatever image editing tools you have.

I’m not sure if I completely understand what point you’re trying to get across though.

If I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to ask, could you make a mock-up image of what you want to achieve or better describe what you would like to do?



Hi Tim - I’m not sure if you’re aware, but atlased textures currently have problems anyway due to there being a lack of support for stuff like gradient sample (tex2dgrad / samplegrad). Whilst you can atlas a texture, you currently can’t tile or use it in the game world without experiencing sampling problems.

For stuff like UI it’s not a problem though, of course.