Material Help?

I’ve started to make my own materials from scratch. I go out with my camera, take it into Bitmap2Material, and then bring it into UE4. But I’m not so sure about my results? I’d love to be able to make a lot of good quality PBR materials so I can later try selling them on the UE4 marketplace. Can people give me some harsh/honest feedback on them and let me know if the quality is any good? Maybe I need to take better source pictures? I’m having difficulty getting the results I want. Thank you!

-I personally would add some fuzzy shading or a tessellation effect to your bark material + change the colour a little bit (atm it looks a little bit too blu/greenish).
-Make sure to use high res textures
-add a little bit of variation to your materials :slight_smile:

Thank you! Going to try with a tripod this time