Material Functions

Hi all,

I’m currently working on a new landscape material based on a tutorial.

Which uses a Materialfunction. In my previous landscape material I had the
possibilty to adjust parameters on the fly using a instance. For eg… scaling UVs
of my rocks,grass, or distance blend falloff, NormalIntensity,etc.

Now with this Materialfunction which consist of only texture setup I would
like to build in more parameters. But you can’t even add scaler parameter.

My question do you build parameters out side material function?

Thanks in advanced

Which material function did the tutorial use? Material functions shouldnt prevent you from having scalar or vector parameters really.

Maybe a “Function Input” is what you are looking for.

Here is an example:

Especially these pictures should explain the use of a Function Input:

Thanks alot for the info.

I’ve looked into Materialfunctions a bit more, but i’m still struggeling. I have instanced my material and my Rock_Normal_Scale parameters are showing up, but
changing the values isn’t doing much :frowning: Does anybody see anyting strange? Thanks