Material functions not working with bools

Hi, I’m having a problem with materials. I am using a “substance-mask” that selects textures and properties by the color of the mask. So far I had no problems selecting vectors and scalars, but it doesn’t work for bools. The first picture shows the material function’s context and how I’m trying to connect it. The second picture shows a similar function that selects a scalar instead of a bool and works fine. When I try the same thing with bool function inputs, I first get errors telling me I need preview values. When I provide those values, I get errors on the “If”-functions, because of numerical / non-numerical mismatch :frowning:

Any help please? Since the inputs for the “If”-function are simply a kind of select and not to be compared arithmetically, I am posting this under bug reports.

IF node is not supposed to work with booleans. You should use Static Switch parameters, chained together, to achieve what you are trying to.