Material Function

Hi, I would like to recreate this material function, however I have never had anything to do with this function.
It is the right time to learn.


be me: Get asked the same question this morning:

Original tweet already had info about this:

and I quote:
vfx_sathueemissive is just a collection of material parameter collections controlling saturation, hueshift, and emissiveness along with particle color.

I replied explaining what is inside this material function again.

I also replied explaining what’s in the other function in the original tweet:

the nearcamfade is just pixeldepth so I can fade out the effect up close

Replied to this tweet explaining that there is a material function that does the same thing, and basically has the same name.
Few hours later the tweet is deleted <_<

Exact same question is asked here.

It is a custom made material function, it has a huehift, desaturation, and a multiplier for emissive strength, and has a built-in particle color (RGB) so I don’t have to place it manually.

There is no reason to ask on answerhub what this function does, as it is custom made by me, Luos.

So: Google the following: “UE4 how to make material function” and watch some tutorials.

use the UE4 material compendium (Google: “UE4 material compendium”) and read up on "hueshift", "desaturation, Material parameter collections", and anything else you find interesting.

Apply knowledge to make your own material function.
I know you can do it.

thank you very mouch!

This is the material function btw.
I do suggest to use that material compendium and go over material related tutorials as it will massively increase your fun, joy, and knowledge about UE4 :slight_smile:
As for the nodes with “MPC_VFX_ColorCtrl” those are part of a material parameter control.
That is something you’ll need to study and learn trough the material compendium and wikis.
Good luck!