Material from Tutorial doesn't show on Static Mesh

So I’m following this tutorial here:

I’ve used the assets provided in the zipped file and followed the tutorial accordingly. However, when I use the static meshes, initially, they look textured in my content browser. But when I Open in Full Editor, the material vanishes and I’m left with this:

When I should have this:

Has anyone ran into this problem before ? Anyone know how to fix it ?


I am in charge of the wiki and this is a known issue. The tutorial was originally created with an attachment that had folder structures that did not work with UE4 after launch. When we updated that attachment, the structure change cause the texture assets to no longer be referenced by the material correctly. You can plug the textures back in for now as a work-around, but I will be working on a fixed attachment as soon as I can.


Ah, alright :slight_smile: I thought I was doing something wrong. Thanks for prompt reply ! you guys are great :slight_smile: