Material from game Fe

I would like to recreate material from game Fe.

It seams it has a base difuse with specular frenel but only affects in normal direction of the light,I think.
It has something more than frenel. Could you suggest me how to add this shine on it ?

Not exactly sure what you mean by shine, the bright white edges on the tree trunk and leaves? That looks like regular lighting? In case the material is unlit you need to add your own custom lighting model. Which are usually mostly based on dot product between light source and normals of the surface (and more additional calculations based on the type of shading you want eg. Lambert, phong etc)

Yes, bright shine outline. I suppose this is the frenel effect.

How to achieve this within material, this shining outline ?

Its hard to accomplish without having to write a custom light model. Adding your own fake lighting in the material editor itself won’t account for shadows and correct attenuation. Ive added a link with a tutorial (not mine) on how to create your own shading model.
ive also seen a post process material around the forum to get cartoony shading, you could search on that to find a proper solution.

if you dont care about shadows:

add a dot product node. Plug a vector3 in one slot (direction of your fake sun/lightsource)

plug vertex normals in the other slot

then connect the output of the dotproduct to a saturate node, and the output of the saturate node to the alpha of a lerp node.

The slot a and b can then be used to specify diffuse of the lit and unlit parts of your geometry

hope that helps!


Thank you.