Material editor stats not working properly (Linux)

I tried hunting for this first before posting. I built UE4.26.2 from releases on github for linux. On attempting to play around in material editor I noticed the shader base pass and dynamic readouts from the stats panel remained at 0, despite what I added or took away from the material I was constructing.
Thinking it might be an error in building I attempted a fresh build of the engine again (4.26.2), and again it produced the same issue.

After searching online for an answer and not finding much I then decided to try the master branch (11th May 2021) in case this was something that has been fixed already and after building, I found the stats for base shader and dynamic shader missing completely.

I tried a couple of default materials and found them missing the shader stats also.

Am I missing a new setting somewhere?

My system is running Arch Linux / Plasma-KDE



So as an edit, I have downloaded and built 4.25.4 - a version I have had no issues with whatsoever and the stats are presenting themselves in the material editor just fine, so I’m ruling out an issue with my system on this one

This should be fixed as of 4.27.

I just built 4.27.1 on Arch Linux - seems to have the same problem

Unless I am missing something completely?