Material editor live update very slow

Hello everyone i am new to unreal engine.I have been trying to experiment with materials in the material editor,but its taking very long time to update.when i change even a small value the material is taking too long to update.the time is nearly 30 secs.Its very difficult to work or experiment with.I tried turning off the real time rendering option.I am using unreal engine 4.8.

Try turning off the “Live Preview” button. And try using “scalar” or “Vector” parameters if you want to be able to scrub parameters and see them update in realtime without having to recompile your materials.

I tried turning off live preview.then the material wont update.Where can i find scalar and vector parameters? and when i turn on stats the material is compiling.after compiling it is getting updated.I dont want to compile i just want to watch the preview.

Use parameters for Textures, scalar and vector values, etc. and then create a material instance of your material. Now you can change those values in the instance and see the update in real time.

I will try to use it that way but wont have that flexibility than the master materials…I think unreal should fix this:(

The preview is a material that has to be compiled. Using parameters allows you to modify only single values of the shader without recompiling it.

i found the way its because of integrated graphics ,disable it in device manager,right click and disable it

Allright, There hasnt really been a reply that has worked for me on here (or anywhere else I could find it) So I’m posting the solution to it here.
Windows 10 automatically put the Task: shadercompileworker on below normal priority, which means, Windows will focus on different tasks instead of the shadercompileworker.
Thanks to some nice folks on Discord, I’ve been informed that you can fix that with an external Software, Sadly the Task Manager does not work for that, as it would set the priority back the next time you make changes to your material.
I used Process Hacker 2 (Yes, it sounds sketchy). After Installing it (Open in Administrator if it causes issues) Open UE4 and make any changes to a shader. Now you gotta be fast, find the Task called shadercompileworker, right click it and set it, under Priority, to either Normal, Above Normal or higher and press Save for whatever the process is called.

This has reduced my shader changing times from 20 seconds to 5 seconds on a i5 7600k