Material Editor live preview too slow

I turned on Live Preview button in Material Editor and change my material. But changes in the Viewport are not immediate. It takes 20-30 seconds to update material preview in Viewport window. It is very inconvenient. Is it possible to reduce this update delay?

Material is very simple.

I have the same problem, on 4.22. Huge amount of time to update the material preview.Working on i7 CPU and 2080rtx.

If you installed, uninstall IncrediBuild.

Same problem here I wonder if it is an issue using Intel Integrated graphics? Funnily enough I made the exact same material as you and noticed the issue. But now changing it to Opaque is also very slow (for me 1-2 mins to get the material preview). If I manage to get the preview I can’t for the life of me get that to go into the Content Browser or the actual editor/game. I just get a grey grid material.