[Material Editor] Erode non manifold edges of a mesh

Yes - Title reads complicated. Here is what I mean:

Would you deem that possible in UE4? How would I approach it?
I would imagine that I would create a random, round and masked image “blob” of detail that I could somehow scatter and randomly rotate along the Edge, so I can still control how the edge looks depending on the Level, but streamline the process so I dont have to handbuild individual pieces for every screen :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

Quick example of such a “blob” as a basic building piece.

Just drawn more beautiful of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried using a texture sample with the “blob” as the texture, and masking it via one of the mask nodes?

Hm, either I don’t understand your suggestion or my question was not formulated clear enough.
My problem is not that I can’t create a transparent plane with my Blob as a Mask. That would only work on a plain, UV unwrapped rectangle
What I am looking for is a way to generate a shape that follows the geometry of the mesh with an uneven edge around in order to break up the straight lines of the geometry. A solution that works automatically without me needing to draw custom shapes for each Mesh I apply the material to.
In my first example image, the left side has these white shapes which are supposed to be geometry. I want to be able to apply a material to it to transform it to the Image on the right, regardless of how the mesh on the left is shaped.

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