Material Editor Compiling Times issue/slow performance (4.23)

I’ve switched from using UE4 on my laptop (ASUS G751J 2014 model) to my new desktop I built earlier this year, and the editor runs great in all aspects… except for the material editor. The compiling times are taking quite a while to do (basic materials with a single vector and Landscapes). My machine also slows down all around, and I’m unsure what to do. I feel that my laptop was compiling quicker than my desktop, which shouldn’t be the case.

i7 Proccessor,
Nvidia GTX 965M 2GB
16GB of RAM

Desktop specs (let me know if you want more specific info):

AMD Threadripper 1950X
Gigabyte X399 Aorus Extreme EATX sTR4 Motherboard
32 GB DDR4
Asus Radeon RX VEGA 56 8GB ROG STRIX

I read about overlays that can impact performance, so in AMD Radeon Settings, I turned off ReLive and changed my Graphics Profile to optimized settings. Still no increase in performance. I’ve also disabled Realtime, Live Preview, and Live Update in the ME, still no luck.

Are you using a material instance? If not, use it, it allows you to make changes faster, you could even expose parameters of the material and change them in material instance.
You could also try out Incredibuild. It speeds up compiling and building time, but it also helps in material changes. You don’t need to set it up in unreal, it’s enough just to install it, unreal will use it automatically.
Hope it helps :slight_smile: