[MATERIAL] Edge detection to highlight

Hello guys,

I spent a lot of hours looking for an answer on existing subjects but never found a satisfying answers.

I simply want to higlight all the edges of an object (in black or whatever color) with a calcul made directly inside the material.

I saw a lot of topics about edge post process etc, but it’s never doing what I want. It’s always an outline of the object depending on the player position and the depth but it never highlignt all the edges of the object all the time. I also saw a tron style but it’s using a static solution and only works with single cube.

I’m not an artist and I’m not capable of doing this directly in the texture. So I’d like some help with that, it could help me a lot to have something doing it automatically for each static meshes I have.
Here is an exemple of what I want to achieve:

As you can see in this picture each edge of each object is highlighted by a black outline. I want to have something similar. If it can help I will only work with voxel so every object I will use are only composed of small cubes, nothing curvy.

Maybe this is not possible to achieve with material I hope someone will have an answer for me.

I also checked with post process but result is the same all tutorials only highlight some edges depending on depth but never all the edges at the same time.

Thank you very much,