Material Doesn't show up on mesh


I have a scene with different FBX meshes and an Additive material. For some reason this material doesn’t show up on this one particular mesh yet it shows up on other meshes. I applied different materials to the same mesh to check if the problem was the normals or UVs, but other materials show up just fine. I re-imported lots of times as well but no luck.

What can be the problem here ?

Could you post a pic of your material + how it looks like when you apply the material to the mesh? :slight_smile:

Sure, here it is.

  1. so when you use the special material which you can see on the 3rd picture, it wont display on the mesh? -> because on the 2nd picture you can see the material on the mesh
  2. could you also post a pic of your material editor? :slight_smile:
  3. probably you just view the mesh from the wrong side -> what happens when you rotate it so that the back is at the front?

3rdd picture shows the additive material applied to the other meshes in the frame, 2nd picture has the material applied to the selected mesh but for some reason it doesn’t show non-opaque additives.
Heres from both angles and the material editor


anyone ? :frowning: