Material displaying differently on two almost identical meshes

I am having a very weird issue while working with materials…
Basically the material looks right on every mesh that was included in the StarterContent (2 and 3), while it is completely wrong (It is zoomed in i believe) on this test cylinder that I imported from Blender (1). Again, I AM USING THE SAME MATERIAL ON ALL OF THEM.
This cylinder I imported is basically one of the the pre made meshes that comes with Blender, so I don’t think I did anything wrong with that.
This is a screenshot of a test I made to demonstrate the problem:

Thank you so much in advance!

This is because of how the UVs on the Blender version of the mesh are set up. You can export one of the Unreal meshes and open it in blender to check out the differences on both meshes UVs so you can do it with your own mesh.

Check out the Blender documentation about UVs:

Hope it helps. Make it a great day!