Material displaying at wrong angle.

I’m still very new to UE4 and I’m having trouble with my material showing at a wrong angle.
I followed a nice youtube tutorial for how to make grass that sways in the wind, and as far as I can tell it turned out just fine.

When I preview the material it displays correctly.

So I created a mesh in blender made out of 4 planes.

I UV unwrapped it and exported it as an FBX, and imported it into UE4.

And to me it looks fine.
Most things I do in blender are rotated 90 degrees around the Z-axis inside UE4, but UP is always UP and DOWN is always DOWN.

So I don’t understand why I get this result when I apply my grass material to the mesh.

I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong here.

@bibbis It IS screwed up UVs, I can tell you that much. But I don’t use Blender so can’t help much further I’m afraid…

You need to rotate your uv islands in blender before export. The UV unwrap tool will just toss the islands around willy nilly. You may have to toggle on texture rendering and add a texture map to the uv window to be able to know which way to rotate the islands.

That worked for me, thank you!