Material disappears when recording with sequencer

Hello folks!
I got a problem with Level Sequencer that is driving me crazy, and would very much appreciate any help.

I have created a melting ice (skeletal mesh). Both in the editor and in play mode, everything looks fine (look at image ‘InEditor’), but when I try to record the scene with level sequencer the material asigned to the mesh dissapears (look at image ‘WhenRecording’) This is VERY frustrating. Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this issue?

Thank you in advance

did you tried to apply an other simple material ? just to find if it comes from your mat?

that can be related to the material usage system too. can be great to sot that bug if you achieved to reproduce it !

Omg, can’t believe this. Like you said, it was something wrong with the material. But when I duplicate the material and gave the mesh the duplicated material, it works. Definately some kind of UE bug.