Material cop-paste from text???

Hello everybody!
I was watching a recorded live streaming from Unreal Engine “Getting Started with Landscape” from here
At 48:54, Andrew Hurley pastes some text from a note pad on the material editor, and all the nodes and settings appears.
He doesn’t really explain how he obtained the text. How can I do that?
I tried to cop from the shader file, but the structure doesn’t look the same…
The text he got is from here, and the .zip contains LanscapeMaterials.txt
It would be nice if somebody could point me out the right direction.
Thank youuuu


Hey, the copy and paste from the material editor into a text file works for me. And that’s how you’re supposed to do, afaik.

The nodes in the editors are some markup language being rendered as a graph. What is what, connects to what, parameters, etc are all in there.

Select some nodes in your editor, control-c and then paste into notepad to see this. You can also copy the properly formatted text and ‘just paste’ back into UE and it will set up the nodes for you.

Have fun with this website:

Ahhhhhhhh! thats it!
it was that simple actual!
I thought I tried it, but didnt work.
But now it does! thank you!
and thanks for the link!