Material changes with Distance to Camera

Hi guys,
I have several meshes with a simple flat-color material. There’s nothing more in the material BP. Yet somehow the material changes with increasing distance to camera. This is how it looks:

Could it be a problem with the mesh? It’s made from a BSP. I have several other meshes made this way and their materials don’t behave like this.
Any help is greatly appreciated, it seems like I’m missing something simple.

Thanks in advance!

I thought it was mipmaps but you’re using just colour material, right? Z-fighting perhaps? How thick (Z) is this mesh? Is it sitting directly on top of something else? Nothing got doubled accidentally?

Yes, only color and nothing is doubled!
It also happens gradually with increasing distance. It gets “worse” the more the camera moves away.
It’s sitting directly on top of another mesh, but it has a thickness. It’s not overlapping with another mesh.

Could it be an option in the mesh?

Edit 2:

Fixed it. The problem was actually the mesh underneath. It wasn’t overlapping though. I increased the distance between the two and now it works regardless of view distance. Thanks dude.

what helped me along the path when working on my jetwriters architecture project was this UE4 Documentation, the Distance Based Detail Texturing part. It should help you figure out how to solve this issue.

Sounds like a classic example of Z-fighting. Glad to hear you sorted it out. Consider converting your comment into an answer and accept it. Perhaps it will help someone else in the future.

adbots linking ue4 docs, that’s new!