Material changes to mesh are not visible while playing

Hey all,

I ran into the following problem on UE4.8.3: I’ve created a template C++ project (3rd person), edited the blueprint for character, went into his mesh and changed the material of Element0 to something else. Now I can see the changes in the viewport, but when I play it via the editor I see the standard default materials on the character.
Surprisingly I couldn’t find anything on this subject. Does anyone have any ideas what might be the problem?

-which engine version do you use?
-have you clicked on the compile button + save it?
-check your material if it probably has some errors :slight_smile:

4.8.3 (as mentioned)
Yes, compile+save applies the changes within the viewport, but no the actual “game”
I’ve tried it with different materials and all of them are from the Starter Content so they shouldn’t have any errors