Material - change based on color


I am very new to creating Materials but have been testing a lot of different nodes in the documentation + watched videos on youtube to make sense of it. Unfortunately I am stuck at something that should be easy to solve and maybe someone could point me in the right direction.

I have created a Base Material which exposes its colour parameter. based upon the colour I would like to give the Material a different behavior ( no practical application just to learn)

I found an IF node and I found a Coordinate node which I believe I have to use somehow ( i.e. checking whether or not a certain channel has higher or lower value and than change the behavior of the shader accordingly but I can’t quite make it work.

So my material should for example move up and down by 50 units if the incoming colour is green, but only 25 units if the colour parameter is red - is this possible ?


I finally solved it. - This helped understanding what the note does: