Material blending

Hi there,

I’m using a height map (very contrasted) as for the blending mask for pebbles. It does work but still I have a linear fade from one layer to another. It’s very unrealistic.

What do you suggest?

How you are blending the materials then?

I’m using LandscapeLayerBlend node and feeding the mask to the Height slot of the layer. I have also tried HeightLerp but it gives the same linear fade at edges.

Edit: This is what I’m looking for.

What about blending a height map for the pebbles with the linear height map before feeding the mask?
And perhaps a bit of vertex painting as well?

Добрый день! не могли бы вы дать инструкции по по смешиванию материалов?

Not sure what you mean. And no cannot do vertex painting for landscape.

The first part I meant so that you would get something like:
Where you have a height map specifically for the pebble texture, and you use that with the linear blend, so the sand would fill the areas between the pebbles first.
And looking again at the image, it seems you may be already doing this, if so, I apologize, I didn’t realize.

As for the vertex painting, I should have noticed you were doing it on a landscape, you even indirectly referred to it, that said I guess the painting the landscape already has is similar anyways.

No problem, thank you for your time. :slight_smile:
Yes I’m using a height map specifically for the pebbles. As you see the sand is filling between the pebbles first. But what I’m having a hard time is to get 1 looking as strong as 2.