Material Billboards have some remaining issues.

I’ve filed bug reports for this on Answerhub but they’ve previously sunk to the bottom without any feedback. I’m not sure how often people use these things, but there are two big issues with Material Billboards right now that makes them difficult to use. Would be great to see these issues gain attention in 4.8 :slight_smile:

  • The UV coordinates are flipped/inverted, and rotated 90 degress. Ideally, we just want simple plane-based UV Coordinates.
  • They don’t support Dynamic Material Instances. There doesn’t seem to be a way to make a Material Billboard ‘take’ to a dynamic material instance, and be able to modify the materials’ properties. I have an answerhub bug on this here

Yeah the flipped in reported, anyway will be better if someone make a tutorial or guide about how make a normal material looking to camera and apply to plane mesh.

There’s an example in ‘Content Examples’ that shows you how to make a material face the camera. Very simply vertex Shader. I think it’s in Math_Hall.

Hey thanks, i going to check that, but now i find this in the web / examples Stylized Rendering Materials | Unreal Engine Documentation

Now i see that, the last two examples ^^

The reply also includes a link to this commit:

There is also a change included to handle Dynamic Material Instances