Material billboards and Scene Capture 2D

So i’m following this tutorial: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

I set up the materials, both the heightmap and the actual material, and I’ve moved on to the point where i’m trying to build this weirdly complex method to translate the dynamic heightmap into a texture that can be read frame by frame.

I get the idea, problem is, when I go to build the system using the components the tutorial suggests, it does not work.

  1. I can’t tell the billboard to face the object I want. Or if I can, I can’t find where.
  2. Even ignoring that issue, if I set the dinamic heightmap as the material, UE4 crashes. Using 4.7.1, verified twice.
  3. The Scene capture render target looks like it’s capturing from the level, even though I have not placed the object in the level and i’m working from the blueprint editor.

I assume these problems have to do with changes that were introduced after version 4.1, on which the tutorial is based.

Can anyone suggest a decent alternative? I’d really rather not have to dust off my C++, as I’ve not touched it in years and I likely won’t for a few others if I can help it.

I have the same issue.

The author explains in no way how to actually get the material we have on the renderTarget as a texture.