Material billboard - how?

I found only one tutorial online about making material billboard (so that quad mesh always faces camera) and that doesn’t seem to work :frowning:

I have a blinking light material that is applied to a simple quad static mesh. I need to make it always face camera. How can I achieve that? (this is for mobile/VR)


Probably this tutorial helps you: :slight_smile:
or this one:

That’s the one that doesn’t work for me. It works in the material preview (although rotates only around vertical axis), but not in-game.

You can try the material that can be found in the Content Examples, in the Math Hall level. The material that you’re looking for is named ‘M_CameraVector_to_Object’.
I’m also looking for a simple billboard material that just works, but without luck - in my case I need it to work with instanced meshes though, so the ‘M_CameraVector_to_Object’ one may be sufficient for your needs.