Material and texture considerations for photogrammetry assets and VR

Hi people! hope everyone is doing great and doing awesome things!

See, we are working on reconstructing a chunk of the city of Medellín (where i live right now) for historical purposes. Most of the buildings are squarish and highly modular, so we are taking the approach of model them, take pictures of the textures and make them PBR. Old school stuff. A few buildings (the most iconic actually), statues, sidewalks and environment details and the road should be done using photogrammetry. The photogrammetry workflow is pretty much nailed down (but always improving), using a good camera rig, Agisoft and Zbrush. The issue is that this is intended for VR, on a dedicated machine first, so we can build it with some good specs in mind, but the end goal is to make them into more commercial workstation (than can be purchased by public schools) and finally Gear VR or even WebVR.

We need to plan this ahead.

Im looking for many tips as i can get about texture resolution, texture optimization and material optimization for photogrammetry assets inside Unreal. Maybe you guys could share some thoughts about how to optimize memory usage both in the texture and material.

I do have some ideas, mostly got them from the Battlefront team (GDC presentation) but i think we need to push those ideas further.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion and sorry for the lenght of my mail. Any comment could help.