Material adaptation?

Hi folks

I have a strange problem. I have some skeletal meshes with materials on it. Nothing fancy, just some diffuse, normal, etc. The thing is, when I move my model into dark area, the whole materials is getting darker, it is fading to dark, but when I move it back to a brighter area after 3-4 sec the material is getting brighter. i dont have eye adaptation on, and also on the post procesa I use min and max 1 for the brighntess. It looks like the material is adaptating itsefl to the lighting. It would be ok if this would happen much faster but in this case it is non-usable. I have a chasing scene and my model is getting out from the dark area and the material is wrong the few seconds.


Double check your PostProcess volume(s) as well as the Player Camera settings for Eye Adaptation settings, they show up in multiple places and need to all be turned off (Min=1 Max=1) so just double check them both.

If that doesn’t help:

  • How is the lighting setup for your game -> Fully Dynamic or Static? DFAO or LPV enabled?
  • Do you have a Skylight in your scene? If so, double check it’s intensity value is not too high, try recapturing the scene as well.
  • Can you post up a screenshot for us of the issue? That may help us get to the root of the problem.


Hi DotCam

I found what is going on. In the SkeletalMesh under the Lighting tab there is Indirect Lighting Cache Quality :slight_smile: It is set to ILCQ Point and that`s the case. I need to change it to something else or dense the points.