Matchmaking / Serverlist (Steam)

Hi all,

Sorry if this question has been asked/answered before, but due to reading through a couple of seemingly outdated tutorials, I figured I’d try here.

I’m currently working on a (mostly) 2D multiplayer game in a 3D space (Puzzle game template would be a good example).

This game requires a few social elements:

  • Up to 14 players

  • Pre-game lobby

  • In-game public chat (steam usernames displayed)

Being able to insta-join friends games through Steam’s “join current session” feature would be nice too.

For server joining, ideally I’d like the player to boot up the game, click the “Play” button, and automatically get thrown into one of a number of servers with <14 players.

I’ve played around with creating a dedicated server through a tutorial back in 4.7, although this required the player to manually type in an IP address, opposed to just clicking ‘Play’ and letting the game do the rest.

I’d appreciate any advice related to any of the above, and any links to recent tutorials would go a long ways.

Please let me know if there’s any additional information I should provide, or if anything that I’m hoping to accomplish would be outside a realistic scope for a single developer.