Matching UVs of static object to Detructable chunks

Hi - I have a solid object with a non-tiling material that I swap out for (imported FBX ) destructable chunks when it explodes.

I am trying to work out how to match the material posiitioning on the chunks to the solid object so the pieces match up as close as possible - The chunks of course have vastly differnet UV positioning to the solid object as it has the inside faces and edges as well and the solid has only the outside.

Wondering what the best way would be to get these matching up - position wise, either in UE4 or I guess in my 3d modelling program (Blender) - or any other tricks I can use?

Most modern DCCs have the ability to bake textures from one object to another. The bake process, and the fact that your destructible object has a larger surface area, might mean that your new texture is slightly softer. To make it match, you could increase the texture size, intentionally soften the original object’s texture to match, or just live with it if it’s not too noticeable.
An alternative would be to transfer your UV map to the external faces (only) of your destructible mesh, so the same texture is still valid. The internal faces could be a procedural texture, a separate material, or a re-map of the texture you already have, depending on how visible they are, and for how long.